Stage ERC 216zi (1)

Electric pedestrian controlled truck 1,6t

  • 2400 - 6000 mm
  • 1400 - 1600 kg
  • Compact and powerful with integrated Li-ion battery.
  • High throughput with double-decker transport.
  • More ground clearance for ramps, thresholds and uneven ground.
  • Intelligent stacking assistance systems ensure safety.
  • Smart ergonomic features for fatigue-free operation.

ERC 216zi

The powerful ERC zi electric stacker truck is equipped with integrated lithium-ion technology as standard – for a revolutionary, extremely compact truck design. This manoeuvrable stacker is versatile and designed for safe stacking and retrieval at high heights of up to 6 metres. It can transport goods over medium to long distances and is suitable for order picking. An additional lifting mechanism on the support arms enables two pallets to be picked up instead of just one, thereby increasing efficiency and throughput. Its increased ground clearance enables the ERC to overcome thresholds, unevenness or ramps with ease. Intelligent stacking assistance systems make it easy and safe to handle loads. Perfect ergonomics are ensured by the stable, cushioned stand-on platform and the smartPILOT with automatic centring, which enables one-handed truck control. Good visibility thanks to the panoramic window (optional) and unrestricted forward view.


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