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Rent electric forklifts

Hire an electric forklift.

What happens when you are expecting a production peak and need to rent additional electric forklifts to cover the workload in your warehouse? In this situation, Jungheinrich’s equipment fleet is available to ensure that efficiency does not decrease and your operations keep running smoothly. Our battery-powered forklift trucks can transport loads of up to 5 t safely and cope with lifting heights of up to 7.5 m.

Jungheinrich electric forklift truck rental.

Thanks to state-of-the-art three-phase AC motors, Jungheinrich electric forklift trucks maintain maximum efficiency at minimum energy consumption. When you rent one of our electric forklift trucks, make sure to choose the right model for your specific needs. Our electric forklifts are versatile and can help you in a wide range of applications such as in the food or beverage industry, logistics, in shipping warehouses, or in the automotive industry. Since these trucks are highly flexible in use, they are perfect for loading and unloading trucks, containers, or wagons. With our electric forklift truck rental service, we help you get the most out of your warehouse.

For maximum efficiency, rent an electric forklift truck.

Anyone who wants to hire an electric forklift truck from us will be rewarded with excellent equipment control even in a cramped warehouse environment thanks to the extremely compact design of the industrial truck. The turntable steering and a double wheel at the rear allow for maximum manoeuvrability with turns of up to 180° on the spot. The sophisticated steering and driving characteristics of our electric forklift trucks are particularly clear on level ground. Rent your electric forklift truck for maximum efficiency in minimum space.

Unbeatable manoeuvrability on 3 and 4 wheels.

Depending on the warehouse environment you need to manoeuvre your electric forklift, you can rent different forklift models. Both three- and four-wheel electric forklift trucks are available for you in the Jungheinrich rental fleet. For narrow warehouse environments and level ground, we recommend extremely manoeuvrable three-wheel trucks. For work in pallet warehouses on unpaved ground or when transporting larger loads, you should rent our four-wheel electric forklift truck that is designed for loads up to 5 t and has a stable drive.

Our rental offer for electric forklifts.

Whether it’s the lithium-ion technology, spacious driver's cab, or individual setting and operating options, the electric forklift trucks in the Jungheinrich rental fleet support you in managing your warehouse volume in the short or long term. Our rental options offer a number of advantages:

  • Electric forklift truck rentals for all applications.
  • Wide range of different truck types.
  • Special equipment can be added on request.
  • Rental hotline for open questions.

By submitting a product enquiry, you can reach one of our specialist advisors who will be happy to advise you on your personal rental offer.

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