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Automated pallet warehouse

Short order cycles, smaller lot sizes, quicker delivery times: In the face of ever increasing market requirements, automated warehouses provide an effective solution. Your benefits: greater throughput, more speed and safety in your material flow and simple operation of different load carriers.

Improving performance in automated pallet warehouses

Speed and efficiency are critical if you want to achieve the best goods throughput possible. Automated pallet warehouses always can best demonstrate their advantages when a large number of items are stored and handled in multi-shift operations (24/7) and/or in limited space. Rack systems, software and all operating equipment need to interact perfectly in this case. For that reason alone, the planning and implementation of your automated pallet warehouse should be done by an experienced expert like Jungheinrich.

Optimised space usage

Automated pallet warehouses can be designed as installed facilities or as freestanding silo storage sites up to 45 meters high, which makes the level of space usage extremely high. The placement positions for pallets, lattice boxes and individual carrier systems can withstand loads of up to 7.5 metric tons. In single-, double- or multi-depth configurations, these warehouses are suited for almost all types of goods and can serve as standard temperature, temperature-controlled or deep-freeze (up to -35°C) storage facilities. 

Tailored automation for your intralogistics processes

When automation solutions are tailored to your requirements and function reliably as part of your business model, they not only raise customer satisfaction but also effectively pay for themselves: The scalability means that your investments are protected, and you are thus well equipped to face any challenges the future may bring. Ultimately, a cost-effective automation solution guarantees a rapid return on investment (ROI). Let us advise you on which automation solution is best suited to your requirements and will deliver your medium or long-term goals.

High-rack stacker: Top performers in automated pallet warehouses 

Our automatic high-rack stackers are based on our field-tested serial trucks, which are supplemented with the corresponding automatic components. The result comes in the form of reliable and efficient Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for your warehouse tasks at heights of up to 13 meters. The automatic high-rack stackers bring the utmost availability, efficiency and performance to your pallet warehouse. To operate 24/7, it is also possible to design the energy supply system by way of conductor rails emplaced on the racks. 

Stacker cranes: High-speed operations in automated pallet warehouses

Deployed in automated pallet warehouses, special high-speed stacker cranes, with load-bearing capacities of up to 7 metric tons, ensure that storing and retrieving your goods goes quickly. Better yet, a variety of load-handling devices are available for different storage location depths. To fully exploit warehouse capacities, one can utilise curve going stacker cranes, which can operate in different aisle configurations. As throughput performance requirements increase, one can integrate additional cranes into the existing warehouse system. 

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