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Successful automation

Automation process

Successful automation with the right partner. As an expert automation partner, we plan and design an automatic system tailored to your needs, thereby enabling you to automatically increase the cost-effectiveness of your warehouse. 

Automation can be the path towards greater warehouse efficiency and flexibility. But not every automation solution automatically leads to success. The most practical use is a system that is individually tailored to your requirements and fits in harmoniously with your warehouse environment and the level of automation you need. As your professional partner, we plan and implement a customised automation solution that provides you with the maximum flexibility to respond to increasingly individualised customer requests. It will also let you confidently manage growth in the variety of goods, while automatically improving your general and economic efficiency. Once the project has been brought to a successful conclusion, we will be there to assist with a close-knit customer service network that's unique in the industry. In doing so, we ensure your automated plant continues to perform reliably and reduce any potential downtimes to a minimum.

3 steps to a customised automation solution.

As a primary contractor, we advise and assist you, step by step, in achieving a flexible and powerful automation solution. From the design and configuration stages through to implementation and commissioning, as well as service and support once the project has been successfully completed. The process is transparent, reliable and constructive at every stage – thanks to our many years of experience in the automation of intralogistics processes in many different industries.

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Planning and configuration.

To determine the ideal level of automation for your needs, we start by analysing your individual requirements in terms of material and information flows. Using a range of tools such as material flow analysis, system representations and CAD layouts, we make actual and theoretical statuses transparent, while identifying the potential for improvement. On this basis, we examine various solution types at the general planning stage and assess them from a business perspective. The goal is always to derive the maximum efficiency and flexibility for your processes. The fine planning process begins once the perfect solution has been decided on. We look in very close detail at your future processes, determine the budget you will require and draw up a precise schedule for implementation. That means we not only have our eye on how your intralogistics processes are currently performing, but also on how they will perform long term. For you to remain flexible in your business at all times, we include planning stages to ensure your automated warehouse environment can be expanded and adapted without any problems right from the outset.

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Implementation and system integration.
As the main contractor, we assist you by assigning a dedicated contact person who will coordinate all the business areas involved and maintain an overview at all times. Drawing on proven, professional project management methods, your contact at Jungheinrich will ensure that every stage of the process runs efficiently and is implemented perfectly. Close coordination with your own project manager and regular project controlling sessions involving all the participants will guarantee the best possible flow of information and create maximum transparency and security for the entire duration of the project – through to the handover of your turnkey plant, in which all systems, whether manual, partly automated or fully automated, will fit together perfectly and work together in harmony.

Content Automatisierungsprozess 3 Step 3 - Service and support.

By your side for the long term.

To ensure the high-level performance of your automated plant is maintained long term, we will still be there to provide comprehensive service and support for your automatic systems once the project is completed. Our close-knit customer service network – unique in the industry – and our support hotline mean we're always close by and quickly on-hand when you need us. Our 4,700 plus customer service technicians around the world are available to perform maintenance, testing and inspections, professionally and reliably whenever you need them. Our support hotline takes care of system monitoring for you and is available 24/7. To ensure your automated plant continues to perform while keeping any downtimes to a minimum, we also provide your employees with training in operating your plant efficiently and safely.

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Spotlight on the new high performer in your warehouse.

Jungheinrich STC 2B1A – 
the world’s most powerful Miniload in its class. 

With best-in-class performance values, smart energy management and the lowest approach dimensions in its class, the first Miniload developed by Jungheinrich ensures maximum efficiency in your miniload warehouse. 

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Taking automation to a new level.

Automated Guided Vehicle high-rack stacker EKX 516a.

The latest generation of our EKX 516a takes your warehouse to a new level. Our tried-and-tested EKX high-rack stacker is efficient, powerful and absolutely safe to use, even as an Automated Guided Vehicle System. Step-by-step automation of warehouse functions is also an option, since you can also retrospectively automate the high-rack stackers that you already have in operation.

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Warehouse automation.

In which ways and to what extent?

Why can it be profitable to automate a well-functioning warehouse? What reasons speak for an automated warehouse and how many levels of automation are there? What should you pay attention to and who are the stakeholders you should include in your plans? These and other questions are addressed in our whitepapers. At the same time, they provide you with practical tips and solutions for automating your warehouse.

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Automatic success with a perfectly choreographed warehouse.

Automatic success with a perfectly choreographed warehouse.

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A well orchestrated warehouse does not happen by chance.

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