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Loading and unloading

Stacking and lifting par excellence: Jungheinrich provide you with powerful and energy-efficient forklift trucks to suit all requirements. Conventional, electric, high-tech and perfectly safe.

We have been stacking and lifting goods reliably for decades, all over the world. The Jungheinrich range is comprised of more than 600 varieties of forklift and other industrial trucks. We have the right product to suit any application. And if you have any special requirements, we can provide you with custom stacking and lifting equipment made to order. Our powerful forklift trucks are equipped with the perfect drive types for your needs – be it diesel/LPG, electric or manual stackers. These allow you to raise loads weighing between one and nine tons.

As a further superlative, our special reach truck can lift your goods to a height of up to 12 metres. Your operating costs on the other hand, will go in the other direction, with savings of up to 20 percent achievable in the long term. Our high rack stackers are designed specifically for combined operation in guided narrow aisles and freely accessible wide aisles. And with our order pickers, you can easily increase your throughput performance.

It goes without saying that our trucks are also available as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), which automatically raise the efficiency of your commodity flows. You can choose to enhance them with high-tech equipment such as RFID scanners and they communicate automatically with our Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Stacking and lifting: High tech for your safety

When it comes to stacking and lifting with our trucks, we attribute the highest levels of importance to your safety. This applies as much to our automated guided vehicles, which lift and stack goods without operators, as it does to our conventional forklift trucks. Numerous safety and assistance systems help the driver to recognise critical situations in advance and reduce the risk of accidents and incorrect operation.

These are supplemented with a range of functions such as the reversing camera with personnel detection and numerous digital solutions. With regard to load protection and stability, special assistance systems further support the "safety first" motto. For specific sectors, such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, our lifting and stacking specialists can even be supplied with explosion protection. This ensures that you can always stack and lift safely – all the while enjoying maximum power and cost efficiency.

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