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New forklifts

A forklift that raises your intralogistics to a new level.

With individually configured new trucks from Jungheinrich, you can breathe new life into your goods and material flow – with the highest levels of efficiency, power, safety and sustainability. Everything is tailored to your own specific needs.

High-quality forklift trucks are an essential component of any future-proof intralogistics solution. Wherever your horizontal goods transport may take place – be it in your warehouse or production facilities – you can benefit from our knowledge and experience as a manufacturer and technology partner. Do you require a solution for your lifting, stacking, towing or order picking needs? Do you prefer electric, diesel or LPG trucks? Or perhaps a pallet truck is the ideal product for you? We will work with you to identify the perfect technology for your requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of sophisticated, cutting-edge products. It comprises all types of pallet trucks, forklift truck, order pickers, reach trucks, tow tractors, tow train trailers and shuttle vehicles. With a wide range of drive and engine options, we can always find the perfect solution for your intralogistics needs.

Powerful and versatile

Whether you are transporting boxes of wine bottles between your warehouse and shop or moving tools around your garage – our pallet trucks are suitable for a whole host of applications.

Warehouse specialists to suit all requirements

With our order pickers, you will not only increase your pick rates at reach heights of up to eleven metres, but will also benefit from enhanced travel safety and efficiency – even under the toughest conditions.

Top performance in tight spaces

Our reach trucks impress with their reliability and efficiency. Particularly in narrow-aisle warehouses, they set new benchmarks with their compact construction and outstanding lift capacity, which in turn ensures maximum throughput performance.

Indispensable aids

Regardless of whether you are stacking pallets or picking individual items – our high rack stackers make light work of both tasks. Find out which of our high rack stackers is the right one for your warehouse.

The perfect forklift for your warehouse

As powerful all-rounders, our forklift trucks are ideal for a wide range of applications. Be it electric or combustion engine – we can provide you with the perfect truck for your warehouse.

Efficient and compact

They are powerful, compact and virtually maintenance-free: Our electric tow tractors and tow trains represent an efficient transport solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

Two models, countless possibilities

They are tough and durable, can handle almost any load, use little energy and offer high directional stability: The customised tow train trailers from Jungheinrich boost efficiency in warehouses and production facilities.

Efficient storage

High throughput performance, collision-free storage and retrieval of pallets as well as optimum space utilisation: Our shuttle system delivers a number of benefits and is compatible with virtually any Jungheinrich forklift truck.

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