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Automated components

The right automation components to take your intralogistics to the next level

With a wide range of intelligent, future-proof automation components, we can prepare your intralogistics for all future challenges. Enjoy maximum flexibility with a whole breadth of products covering everything from partial to full automation.

Automate your processes with perfectly co-ordinated components

The 7 Rs of logistics: availability of the right product, in the right quantity, in the right condition, in the right place, at the right time, for the right customer and at the right cost. With this system, logistics are always as individual as your company and your customers. That is why standard, ready-made solutions are not an option for you. The automation of your logistical processes must be adapted to your individual needs.

In planning and implementing the perfect, tailored solution for your specific requirements, we can call upon a comprehensive system of modular automation components. This comprises automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for a wide range of tasks, systems for automating container and pallet warehouses as well as the necessary order picking technology. All these components are combined to form a perfectly co-ordinated overall system with the aid of the Jungheinrich IT landscape.

Maximum quality of in-house components and services

In order to meet our exacting quality standards, we manufacture all the main automation components in-house. We also apply the same high standards to our maintenance and service, ensuring that your processes run smoothly and with utmost reliability. Our automated forklift trucks, which serve as the basic elements of our automated guided vehicles systems, are based on tried-and-tested series trucks that have proven their worth in practical application. In the area of warehouse automation, we also use our own, in-house manufactured racking equipment and load handlers.

Full or partial automation enhances vertical integration

In any production and warehouse environments where many regularly recurring tasks are performed, automation provides an effective means of boosting your business success by maximising vertical integration. Our logistics consultants and product specialists will accompany you on the road to full or partial automation and advise you on the various different components. Our aim is to deliver maximum process reliability to ensure a successful future for your logistics.

Reliable and efficient processes

Automatic truck solutions and fully automatic transport are the main focus of our Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). We use intelligent automation components to automate our tried-and-tested standard production trucks and adapt them to your individual requirements.

Your material flow in good hands

Greater productivity for your warehouse is made possible by our conveyor systems. Jungheinrich offers intelligent solutions with innovative pallet and case conveyor systems for new or existing facilities. We configure efficient, fast, reliable systems tailored exactly to your needs. 

Automate your logistical success

Does your material flow meet the ever increasing demands posed by the era of digitalisation? Automated warehouses or automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) provide welcome assistance in the face of shorter order cycles, smaller lot sizes and quicker delivery times.

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