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Safely moving forward

Protecting people

The safety of people in your warehouse is our number one priority. 

We offer numerous vehicle options that will provide optimum protection for your employees against collisions with vehicles and other accidents. In addition, our ergonomic truck designs cause less strain and fatigue and ensure their long-term health.

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Personnel recognition by Jungheinrich

Everything under control.

The reversing camera with personnel recognition is an intelligent operator assistance system designed to prevent collisions between people and forklift trucks. During reverse travel, the system scans the hazard area in the rear using stereo cameras. Therefore, it not only recognises obstacles, but can also differentiate between people and objects. As soon as a person is detected in the danger zone at the rear of the truck, the system sets off an optical and acoustic alarm. This way, the driver has enough time to react and, thus, everything under control.

Your benefits:

  • Prevention of harmful accidents
  • Less strain on the driver
  • Easy-to-retrofit and zero maintenance

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