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Food and beverages

Focus on food logistics: Fitness for your supply chain

Future trends in the food industry are dictated by automation, speed and flexibility. To enable timely production and distribution of foodstuffs, beverages and animal feed, we have developed suitable logistics solutions offering maximum levels of efficiency, hygiene and safety.

Building on competence: Solutions for discerning customers

The food industry with its foodstuffs, beverages and animal feed sectors is one of the largest market segments in the world of logistics, and it is also one of the most challenging. As one of the most experienced and innovative providers of logistics and intralogistics solutions, we have developed powerful solutions in which the food chain configuration is based on seamless information and supply chains, advanced technologies and the highest service quality.

What are your goals: Do you want to exploit the full potential of digitalisation? Or perhaps you are interested in networking, transparency and maximum efficiency for your warehouse processes? Maybe you want to find out how the Internet of Things can boost your business models? Whatever your objective, the answer most likely lies in automation and maximum speed. To assist you in achieving your goals, we can provide customised, efficient and flexible warehouse and picking solutions. These can be individually configured to suit any business size, and can also be fully automated with intelligent control on the part of our Warehouse Management System Jungheinrich WMS. Whatever you opt for, you will always benefit from perfect hygiene, cleanliness and safety. And you can also choose to have everything from a single source.

One-stop shop: Complete solutions from a single source

Special solutions for automatic small parts warehouses ensure quick, direct access to small food items. In addition, autonomous electric forklift trucks ensure significant time savings and optimum space utilisation while servicing the pallet racks. This applies particularly to perishable foodstuffs, not least in cold stores, where you can use every last square metre thanks to intelligent Jungheinrich rack systems. High-bay racking systems, which are primarily used for e-commerce trade in the foodstuffs industry, are ideal for rapid throughput of large quantities of items, with the additional option of fully automated order processing. A wide range of powerful forklift and pallet trucks completes the product portfolio. These can operate autonomously if required and can also be networked with the entire logistics infrastructure and central administration.

Flexibility is key: Food logistics to suit all requirements

Automation will have a positive impact on your logistics performance. Not only does it save you time, energy and costs. but it also increases your flexibility when dealing with seasonal fluctuations in availability and demand. Forklifts, industrial trucks and other warehouse technology can also be rented to ensure that you maintain a flexible business model and remain highly competitive in this fiercely contested market.

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