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Electric forklifts


Switch now to our lithium-ion-powered EFG: with switching bonus and double guarantee.

Our manoeuvrable and versatile EFG counterbalance forklift trucks are designed for maximum performance at minimum energy consumption: latest generation 3-phase AC motors, highest efficiency thanks to PureEnergy concept, productivity-enhancing ergonomics and optimum safety.

The EFG from Jungheinrich with superior lithium-ion technology enables you to outrun the competition once and for all. Because highest performance, fast charging times, zero maintenance and a particularly long service life make your Jungheinrich lithium-ion batteries the most economic energy source in the long run.

That is why, we give you a double guarantee:
Choose the full lithium-ion power with our 6-month satisfaction guarantee and an up to 5-year guarantee on your lithium-ion battery.

On top, if you switch your diesel or LPG forklift or your lead-acid battery-powered electric truck with a lithium-ion-powered Jungheinrich EFG, we will reward you with a switching bonus.

Overview of your EFG advantages:

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Lithium-ion – Your competitive edge.

Perfected by the technology leader and manufacturer.

Jungheinrich develops and manufactures batteries, chargers and all corresponding truck components in-house. As a result, all parts of the system can perfectly communicate with each other to reach their full performance potential. 

The result: An EFG with lithium-ion power is by far the most tireless energy source in your warehouse. Thanks to extremely fast charging times and zero maintenance, the trucks ensure continuous operation. They‘re always ready for use, without any signs of fatigue and boasting an extremely long service life. 

Choose the full lithium-ion power with double guarantee:

Li-Ionen Zufriedenheitsgarantie Neu 100 % satisfaction. Guaranteed.

We are convinced this decision is right for you. That‘s why we guarantee that you can easily and quickly switch back to the original technology at any time within the first 6 months – without stating reasons.

Li-Ionen Garantie Neu No worries. No compromise.

With the Jungheinrich Li-ion Guarantee Plus, we give you a long-term performance promise of up to 5 years on our high-quality lithium-ion batteries, so you can completely concentrate on your tasks without worrying.

With Jungheinrich lithium-ion technology, you will easily leave your competition behind: Maximum performance at up to 20 % less energy consumption.

Switching has never been easier.

With our double guarantee and your individual switching bonus.

Why not leave behind the old days when you used your IC-powered forklift or had to tediously change your lead-acid batteries. Because with maximum efficiency and zero maintenance of the superior lithium-ion technology by Jungheinrich, you can easily outrun your competition. 

Switch now to our lithium-ion technology and benefit from our attractive purchasing or rental offers with switching bonus:

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