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Low-level pallet truck for hire.

Whether short, medium, or long distance, with a Jungheinrich low-level pallet truck you get a powerful and low-maintenance pallet truck for the effortless transportation of goods weighing up to 3.5 t. Jungheinrich rentals offer a wide range of low-lift pallet trucks so that you can easily handle both light and the heavy jobs. The battery-operated pallet trucks from the Jungheinrich rental fleet meet a wide range of challenges in the warehouse and are particularly efficient.

Jungheinrich low-level pallet truck hire.

The excellent manoeuvrability of a pallet truck is often needed, especially in tight warehouses. When you rent one of our low-level pallet trucks, you benefit from innovative AC technology, high operating comfort, and maximum efficiency. Our low-level pallet truck rentals include a wide range of entry-level, short, medium, and long-haul models, each with their own features to meet your storage needs. With our low-level pallet trucks for hire, you not only save on operating costs, but also can reduce the workload on your employees during busy periods.

Great variety in low-level pallet truck rental.

If you rent a low-level pallet truck, it should match your requirements perfectly. With our low-lift pallet truck rentals, we offer you our electric pedestrian pallet trucks as entry-level models for lighter transport tasks with low intensity. Pure pedestrian pallet trucks are our short-distance models which we recommend for use with moderate intensity. The medium-distance models with a stand-on platform can handle loads of up to 3.5 t. For continuous use in logistics with high intensity, it is best to rent one of our long-distance models with an ergonomic seat cab.

Hire an electric pallet truck for every location.

Transporting goods presents a variety of challenges, especially since not every warehouse is at ground level. Sloping surfaces often become insurmountable obstacles when loading and unloading the first row of pallets on trucks or railway wagons. Luckily, Jungheinrich has the solution. Our rental options include electric pallet trucks with ramp lifts. Thanks to diverse equipment capabilities, these manoeuvrable powered pallet trucks effortlessly achieve a level compensation of up to 15 per cent. Whether you are looking for platform suspension that is adjustable according to weight, a built-in loader, or traction aid, our rentals offer the right electric pallet truck for every requirement.

Our rental offer for low-level pallet trucks.

The Jungheinrich rental fleet is available for short-term and long-term hire. We will be pleased to help you find the right battery-powered, low-level pallet truck for your warehouse so you can benefit from the great flexibility of our rentals offer:

  • Forklift rental for a wide range of applications.
  • Extensive range of different vehicle types.
  • Jungheinrich special trucks available on request.
  • Rental hotline with 24/7 availability.

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