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An intelligent modular principle

Case conveyor systems

Automatic case conveyor systems are the key to intelligent warehouse automation, maximum dynamics and an integrative process design. When combined with the Jungheinrich warehouse management system you will be able to raise your material flow to a completely new level. 

Transporting cases, boxes, trays and products of up to 50 kg max

Doing the utmost for the material flow: cutting-edge box and case conveyor systems pave the way to innovative warehouse automation, additional machine integration, and connections to efficient and comprehensively optimised intralogistics processes. The focus here is on conveying, sorting, in- and out-feeding, as well as buffering and stowing materials and goods – all so that your logistics keep moving efficiently, reliably and quickly.  

Flexible in all situations: the Jungheinrich modular system

Case conveyor systems put you on the fast track – and not just because of transport speeds of up to 1.50 m/s. Thanks to our modular system, you will also be able to tap entirely new possibilities in regard to implementing warehouse automation and connecting to the most cost-effective intralogistics processes. This you will be able to do with the smallest footprint possible and by bridging height differences of the conveyors, among other things. 

Integrated planning leads to more efficiency and cost-effectiveness

When combined with the Jungheinrich warehouse management system, our innovative, fully scalable case conveyor systems can take your intralogistics processes to the next level. Our service offers help you to develop integrated plans. Combined with low maintenance requirements and a high degree of energy efficiency, you can optimise the overall operating costs of your facility. In this way, you can rely on your logistics’ longevity and reliability, as well as its long-term cost-effectiveness.  

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