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Warehousing and storage

Optimum space utilisation, rapid item collection and order consolidation – storage is the most important element of the logistics process. Jungheinrich provides a comprehensive range of efficient warehouse systems: from manual to automatic.

Optimum storage – it sounds so simple but is becoming ever more complex

In these times of e-commerce and global logistics processes, an increasingly diverse range of products has to be stored and retrieved faster than ever before. Time -, cost- and space-optimised storage is thus becoming ever more crucial to the success of companies the world over. Thanks to more than 60 years of experience in this industry, Jungheinrich is able to offer a comprehensive range of racking solutions and storage systems. We can help you to make the central, labour-intensive process of article and order consolidation both faster and safer. To this end, we offer manual, semi-automatic or fully automated storage systems from a single source – encompassing everything from the initial concept to our semi or fully automated series trucks and turnkey solutions for complete warehouse systems. At your request, we can manage your entire material flow process.

Storage racks: the key to optimum throughput

Be it pallet, small parts or narrow-aisle warehouses – our automatic storage systems combine the utmost efficiency with optimum space utilisation. This is how Storage 4.0 should work – round the clock if necessary, with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and all controlled by our Warehouse Management System (WMS).

In the case of our multi-depth storage system, independent shuttles facilitate semi-automated pallet storage. We also offer mobile racking systems, which allow you to achieve storage savings of up to 90 percent.

To us, storage racking is much more than just steel and iron. Racking is the key to your optimum throughput efficiency. That is why we offer integrated warehouse planning, where the racking and the forklift truck or stacker crane work "hand in hand" as part of a single, collaborative storage system. We provide a comprehensive range of racking and storage systems, mezzanines and self-supporting stores (silos) for accommodating everything from pallets, containers and trays to boxes and long goods. You thus benefit from optimum storage, safe in the knowledge that you are well prepared to face any challenges the future may hold.

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