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Storage of long loads

When you need to store long loads such as bars, pipes and boards, cantilever racking is the best option. This can be extended as required. The loads are borne by the beams on the racking uprights which in turn can be flexibly positioned. Does expanding your warehouse space seem impossible or too costly? You can create additional warehouse space by bringing in a mezzanine platform.

Our mezzanine and order picking platforms create additional warehouse space on the platform itself and also beneath it. This enables you to incorporate the upper area of your warehouses into the picking zones.

Mezzanine platforms exploit the room height

They utilise the height of the room efficiently and are flexible on and beneath the mezzanine. Our mezzanine platforms can be configured such that both hand and electric pallet trucks can be operated on them. Access is via stairs and the flow of materials from the ground floor is handled by fork lift trucks and material handling technology.

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