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The growing complexity and dynamics within warehouse processes increase the daily risk potential in logistics environments. The Jungheinrich SAFEwalk helps you to improve the safety of your warehouse – so you can reduce costs and protect the resources of your company.

More safety in one go.

Since it is no longer enough to analyse and optimise only certain safety issues, our SAFEwalk pursues a comprehensive approach, in which we cover all safety-relevant areas. During a walkthrough of your warehouse, a specially trained Jungheinrich safety expert examines the following points together with your safety officer:

  • Qualification and skills of the forklift truck drivers.
  • Truck equipment and the appropriate use of the trucks.

  • The entire warehouse environment.

Based on this standardised checklist, possible security deficits are reliably detected. Afterwards, you will receive valuable recommendations for optimising your warehouse processes. Depending on the warehouse size, our SAFEwalk takes between two and three hours. During this time, your warehouse operations will not be affected and can continue without any downtime.

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The benefits for your business:

  • Increased safety for employees.
  • More efficiency due to less downtimes and interruptions.
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to less damage of customer goods.

  • Long-term cost security through preventive action.

If following the SAFEwalk you decide to increase the safety of your employees, machines and storage facilities, Jungheinrich will be at your side from the planning through to the implementation phase. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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