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Be it easy lifting, reliable stacking, secure transport, powerful towing, efficient warehousing or storage and order picking – we are the perfect specialist and your ideal partner for all applications and logistics tasks.

Whatever the daily applications in your business, we can provide you with the perfect products, systems and services for your needs. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of intralogistics processes, we will ensure that you can easily handle even the most complex logistics functions.

Even in the case of demanding applications, we can deliver customised solutions to optimise your material flow. By performing a preliminary material flow analysis, we can often propose a more tailored solution to suit your individual application, e.g. for your truck fleet. You can trust in Jungheinrich's consulting expertise when it comes to your logistics tasks, including transport, order picking, storage and stacking – be it manual, semi-automatic or fully automated.

Professional stacking and lifting

Stacking and lifting are key elements of your warehouse logistics. This requires powerful, energy-efficient stackers and forklift trucks. We have the right technology to suit your requirements.

Efficient movement of your goods

Cost-effective, energy-efficient and reliable transport is an essential requirement in today's market. Jungheinrich provides you with tailored solutions to suit your individual requirements – be it in the form of automated guided vehicles or traditional material handling applications.

Warehouse systems: from manual to automatic

Optimum space utilisation, rapid item collection and order consolidation – storage is the most important element of the logistics process. Jungheinrich offers a comprehensive range of efficient storage solutions.

Order picking in perfect harmony

The order picking phase represents the key moment in the logistics process. Jungheinrich technology ensures that the human/machine interface functions smoothly and without interruption, which in turn saves you both time and costs.

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