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Stage Barcode Scanner

Bar code scanners

  • Reliable identification of items in real time.
  • Manual and automatic scanners with ranges over 10 m.
  • Wired, wireless or fully automatic.
  • Different ID systems can be represented.
  • Individually configurable.


Our robust and industry-standard bar code scanners from selected market leaders will help you to run modern warehouse operations, identifying items reliably and in real time, minimising errors and optimising your processes sustainably. You can use manual bar code scanners to record and check items and storage locations in real time via the respective bar code every time an item is stacked or retrieved. The wireless, wired or fully automatic scanners can be individually configured and connected to your mobile IT solution. The support of different ID systems and ranges of up to more than 10 m allow the implementation of individual solutions based on proven standard components.


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