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Shuttle channel racking for high throughput performance

Shuttle channel racking offers many advantages, ranging from the high throughput performance during complete filling and emptying of a pallet channel, to collision-free storage and retrieval of pallets as well as optimum space utilisation thanks to a low rack compartment height.

Our Shuttle channel racking systems – comprising a carrier, basic truck and channel rack – enable efficient use of your storage space. The racking offers sufficient height and width for multiple pallet channels. The low height utilisation per channel level allows effective use of the available storage height. Any Jungheinrich forklift truck with sufficient residual capacity can be used as a basic truck.

Semi-automatic storage with Shuttle channel racking

Rack shuttles work particularly efficiently in the case of repeated storage and retrieval in the same pallet channel. The shuttle is raised on the forks of the basic truck and inserted into the pallet channel, where it travels independently under the stored pallets without being linked to the basic truck. Once the first pallet has been set down and the start button pressed on the operating terminal, the control system automatically performs all necessary travel and lifting movements. Sensors detect the position of stored pallets, thereby ensuring collision-free storage and retrieval of the new pallets. While the carrier is at work, the truck driver can fetch another pallet and start the next storage operation.

User-friendly hand-held radio terminal

The operating terminal and the shuttle control system communicate via a bi-directional radio link. The hand-held radio terminal is mounted in an ergonomic position in the operator's field of vision. Operation could not be simpler thanks to the well arranged function buttons and clear information display. The terminal is suitable for mobile use, but can also be operated virtually via the touchscreen of an existing radio data terminal.

Flexibility with shuttle system variations

Different versions of the shuttle system allow you to handle different load carriers, such as Euro or industrial pallets, in the same rack system. Sensors automatically detect the size of the pallets. Storage and retrieval according to the LiFo (last-in first-out) and FiFo (first-in first-out) principles is also easily implemented. When a channel is to be emptied completely, the shuttle automatically carries each pallet in the channel to the retrieval side, where it is removed by a forklift truck and transported to outgoing goods. This function is also possible if a specific number of pallets are to be retrieved. If there is no storage or retrieval taking place, all pallets can be automatically transported to the retrieval side. Excellent space utilisation is of particular importance when it comes to the efficient operation of a cold store. The cold store version of the pallet shuttle can be used in temperatures down to -30°C. A second battery set with charging station greatly increases operational readiness.

Shuttle systems with personal protection system

With larger racking systems, up to 69 different carriers can be selected using a hand-held radio terminal. The operator only needs to change the identification on the hand-held terminal to contact the next carrier. The optional personal protection system prevents unauthorised access to a pallet channel or aisle. If an alarm is issued, the rack shuttle carriers are stopped immediately. Authorised trucks, which are identified automatically, are not prevented from servicing the relevant rack.

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