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Medium / high level order pickers

Efficient order picking at height

Lift your productivity to a new level! Our electric order pickers enable you to sustainably increase your picking rates. In order for the operator/machine interface to function optimally, we also rely on greater driving safety and higher efficiency with our medium/high level order pickers.

Maximum picking performance in high-bay warehouses

Your individual situation and your sites need tailored solutions. Choose from a number of practical adaptations which provide you with the perfect options! Our medium/high level order pickers provide the greatest picking performance in the high-bay warehouse.

They set standards with respect to flexibility, economy and ergonomics. The Jungheinrich modular system offers a multitude of customisation options for the future. The integrated warehouse navigation system (optional) enables the control computers on the trucks to communicate directly with the warehouse management system. The cab provides operators with a generously sized workstation with excellent visibility.

Also equipped for fully automated operations

Intelligent automation components transform our field-tested serial trucks into Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). These combined with intelligent software keep your warehouse prepared for the future, streamline processes, and take efficiency to a new level. As an expert automation partner, we will plan and design an Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVS) tailored to your needs, thereby enabling you to automatically increase the cost-effectiveness of your warehouse.  

Picture Vertikal Order Pickers Einsteiger High-level order pickers.

The entry point for your ascent.

High-level order pickers in the entry-level series offer outstanding driving, lifting, picking performance and first-class ergonomics.

Content Picture Vertical Order Pickers High Performer Service providers – high-lift order pickers for high-performance use.

The high-lift order pickers in the performance series achieve significantly higher pick rates with optimised engine and drive technologies.

Picture Vertical order pickers Automatisiert Automated high-level order pickers.

Work with or without a driver.

Streamline your processes with our Automated Guided Vehicle systems (AGVS). Based on the tried and tested high-level picking system, these pioneering vehicles shine in both automatic and manual operation. 48 V, three-phase current technology for long operating times and sophisticated safety features such as the environment scanner or the logistics interface make our AGVs highly efficient.

  • driverless transport of special load carriers
  • high process reliability thanks to laser navigation
  • self-supporting forks provide flexibility

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Buy and rent high-level order pickers.

Looking for an entry-level model or a high-level order picker with attractive additional options? You can reach our specialist advisors with a simple product enquiry and they will answer any questions you might have. Our experts will be happy to show you the available options and advise you on the right high-level order picker for your operations.

If you are primarily interested in financing suitable order pickers, we can help you with that as well. Our financial experts will advise you on the hire-purchase and leasing of a high-level order picker. For short-term and temporary use, high-level order pickers are also available to hire from our rental fleet.

With Jungheinrich lithium-ion technology, you can drive away from the competition: maximum performance with up to 20% lower energy consumption. Service life three times longer. Extremely short charging times. Maintenance-free. Lower the TCO of your fleet with substantially lower operating costs.

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