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Case studies

Customer project studies & success stories

Regardless of whether you are a global player, a medium-sized or even a small operation – we provide you with intelligent, tailored intralogistics solutions from a single source. As you will see from our case studies, every unique project we undertake has the same core value at its heart: the satisfaction of our customers.

We help you to boost your profits and future-proof your business and understand that no two warehouse setups are the same. Every customer has their own individual requirements, so we tailor our products, including forklift trucks, automatic systems, services and e-commerce consulting, to your individual needs and exacting standards.

In our references, you will find a range of success stories spanning a number of different sectors. We hope you will join us and discover your own future intralogistics solution in the studies below.

Storage capacity for more than 18,000 pallets.

As general contractor, we built two highly efficient automated pallet silo warehouses made of 1000 tonnes of iron for our customer Continental in Slovakia. The result: Space utilisation at the highest level, increased performance and maximum flexibility for the future. 

Step-by-step automation with the AGV ERC 215a.

In the Czech Republic, we developed an automation solution to increase productivity in two sites of the well-known electronics manufacturer FOXCONN. The ERC 215a Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) in combination with an AGV control system significantly increased the turnover of goods.

Reliable, powerful and fully automatic.

In order to optimally fill 43.000 pallet spaces distributed over 52.500 m² of warehouse space, the Italian large-scale retailer Conad relies on Automated Guided Vehicles in combination with automated palletisers in its logistics centre to transport up to 40 million parcels per year.

SATAIR gains maximum efficiency with minimum fuss.

When SATAIR decided to upgrade storage at its aircraft parts warehouse, Jungheinrich was up for the challenge. A high-quality, flexible racking setup along with a hand-picked fleet guaranteed faster and safer throughput along with increased and efficient storage capacity, all within set timeframes.

Complete solution for the Arla Foods warehouse

Arla Foods is one of the largest dairy co-operatives in the world. A compact storage system in this Danish warehouse in Holstebro, ensures that all available space is used efficiently.

Earthquake-proof and efficient

Birner is the largest dealer of vehicle spare parts in Austria. A distribution warehouse was part of a new logistics strategy. It just happens to lie in earthquake zone 4. We provided an impressive, modern concept. Nothing can shake the warehouse any more.

E-commerce shipping process efficiently automated

For an American e-commerce pioneer, we automated the transport and put more reliability into the process.

Switzerland's tallest high-bay warehouse

The new high bay warehouse reaches 44 metres into the sky over Domat/Ems. This means the chemical company operates the highest building of its type in Switzerland. Our team is the service partner and erected the site in record time.

Greater efficiency due to compact storage systems

There was no more space available for the 25 million kilograms of breadcrumbs produced every year by Dutch company ECS Paneermeel. We were able to provide the necessary storage space and also improve efficiency with a multi-depth storage system.

Dynamic management operating around the clock

We realised a distribution centre for the renowned detergent producer Henkel in Russia during the depths of winter. The solution is based on our Warehouse Management System, it shortens delivery routes, and saves on CO2 in the process.

warehouseNAVIGATION for clear structure

Modern production facility for Eppendorf Zentrifugen in Leipzig ensures greater efficiency in the warehouse and eliminates unnecessary search trips.

Digitalisation of the manual warehouse at Gasser

The warehouse processes at Gasser GmbH, an Austrian service provider within the metal-processing sector, run like clockwork – thanks to our WMS.

Optimized picking performance

Modern entire intralogistics solution at GLX Global Logistic Service eliminates bottlenecks and significantly increases storage capacity.

Service provider Rudolph Logistik

Rudolph Logistik implements comprehensive logistics solutions in various industries. Processes were optimised due to the use of our automated guided vehicle systems.

Ecologically conceived warehouse

Environmental protection is important to the Swiss company - from selecting natural ingredients to production to logistics. The central warehouse is built using clay. Processes are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Together we can achieve anything

Electronics is booming: With a new semi-automatic narrow-aisle warehouse and the Jungheinrich WMS Series 2, the market-leading cable manufacturer PSZ electronic from the Upper Palatinate is continuing its dynamic growth.

One warehouse, 600 tons of steel racks

Migros Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG operates a state-of-the-art non-food warehouse for order picking and replenishment. It supplies the entire Migros Group. Our pallet racks and fork lift trucks are the core of this warehouse.

Keller & Kalmbach

Keller & Kalmbach is one of the leading service providers in C-parts management. We constructed and expanded the central warehouse in Hilpoltstein for the Munich-based Company.

Holistic warehouse planning for Internorm

Tailor-made racking system enables an extension of about 4,000 pallet spaces for high-quality plastic products at Internorm in Damme.

Strong fleet for efficient material flows

The 20-hectare logistics centre owned by pfenning logistics GmbH of Heddesheim relies on our fork lift trucks. The impressive fleet of 88 fork lift trucks is extremely efficient thanks to energy recovery.

Safe processes, simple integration

The Bielefeld-based logistics company Wahl & Co chose our expertise when constructing a new high bay warehouse. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our forklift trucks and the ease of integration into an existing IT System.

Driverless fork lift moves material on its own

ThyssenKrupp has automated internal transport of rail parts for stair lifts with an automated guided vehicle system from Jungheinrich. Optimum flexibility and minimum space requirements were the key factors which led to this choice.

Double deck pallet high bay warehouse for Sauer

A pleasing starting point for investment in the intralogistics system was the positive part played by the operator and corresponding expansion of the required Equipment.

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