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Switzerland's tallest high-bay warehouse

EMS-Chemie expanded its warehouse capacity with us in record time

From Grisons to the world: EMS-Chemie AG in Domat/Ems is a global player in several sectors. In order to continue growth, they commissioned Jungheinrich with construction and operation of their third high bay warehouse. A record project - in construction time and scope.

Expansion in a limited area

The EMS Group is a worldwide specialist in the polymer materials and fine chemicals/engineering sectors. Before starting the project with Jungheinrich, there were two high bay warehouses on the company premises in Domat/Ems, Grisons. As EMS Chemie continued to expand, then the warehouse capacity also had to be extended.

Our task was: Construction of a third high bay warehouse with 12,800 pallet positions in the smallest possible area, in the shortest possible time during ongoing operations. The plot was next to a planned through road. The storage capacity could only be achieved by building upwards. This meant that the project gained unusual dimensions. High bay warehouse 3 expanded to become the highest automatic high bay warehouse in Switzerland at 44mx15m!

Assembly and commissioning within weeks

Our order covered planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning of the warehouse - and more. We adapted the existing conveyor technology in the dispatch hall and integrated our new building into EMS Chemie’s complex warehouse management system. In just 14 weeks our team in Domat/Ems used 1,000 tons of steel, 500,000 screws, 11 kilometres of props and 55 kilometres of pallet carriers. As every pallet should carry a load up to 1.3 tons, the floor plates are extremely heavy-duty and are 70 centimetres thick.

High performance was demanded of the technology used in construction as well as the dimensions of the hall and the scheduling. The heavy-duty supporting plate structures were flown in by helicopter. Ultimately, the height of the building and the wind loads required special attachments. Both of our stacker cranes were lifted through the roof openings in the spaces between the racking. The largest mobile crane in the world was in use for this purpose. The start of the project and construction was aided by the client's project manager being exceptionally competent. He aided communication between us and the other trades involved. All aspects combine effectively - meaning that the modifications and expansion could be put into action ten weeks before the scheduled deadline!

Full service around the clock

Mission accomplished? Yes, but not complete. Our team also ensures that operations run smoothly even after the high bay warehouse has been opened. EMS-Chemie AG decided on a support contract including emergency service, on call 24 hours a day. We are responsible for service and maintenance of the plant with more than 100 service engineers across Switzerland.

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