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Impressive precision at a height of 22 metres.

Top logistics performance in Continental's automated high-bay warehouse.

We installed a proud 1,000 tons of iron distributed over two automatic high-bay warehouses at our customer Continental in Slovakia. Now a total of eight storage and retrieval machines process 20,000 pallet locations in a state-of-the-art manner at a system speed of up to 120 double cycles per hour. 


  • Parallel implementation of two high-bay storage systems for simultaneous commissioning.
  • Merging of racking systems, stacker cranes, operating devices and software to form a complex warehouse system. 
  • Installation of fire protection with self-extinguishing sprinkler system for both silos.
  • Implementation of an autonomous solution with seamless technical communication between all units.


  • Automated warehouse with two pallet silos and a total of around 18.000 pallet spaces.
  • Silo 1: Three-aisle layout and double-deep storage to create the greatest possible space capacity.
  • Silo 2: Five-aisle arrangement with single-deep storage for fast handling of up to 9,600 pallets.
  • Efficient transport of the load units thanks to conveyor technology with automatic contour control.


  • Creation of a perfect interaction of all components in the scalable automatic warehouse. 
  • More performance and increased flexibility in the business unit for electronic brake systems.
  • Realisation of a flexible warehouse solution with expansion possibilities in the future. 
  • Successful project implementation with Jungheinrich as general contractor.

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