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Stage EFG MC 316_316k_320

Electric four-wheel counterbalance forklift truck 1.6-3t

  • 3,000 - 6,500 mm
  • 1,600 - 3,000 kg
  • High throughput thanks to the great controller
  • Compact lift mast with extended field of vision provides best all-round visibility
  • Fully enclosed AC dual motors with ZF gearbox minimize turning radius while reducing maintenance cost
  • Precise hydraulic control
  • High residual capacity up to 5m

EFG MC 316k/ 316/ 320/ 325k/ 325/ 330

The robust and efficient MC series electric four-wheel forklifts offer the ideal combination of stability and maneuverability. The high-pivot steering axle distributes the weight evenly across all four wheels and also absorbs rough road bumps. Thus, you benefit from maximum stability and driving safety, indoors as well as outdoors – also on uneven ground. An excellent view of the load thanks to the compact lift mast, various assistance systems and equipment options make our EFG trucks reliable and safe helpers in your daily warehouse operations – for efficient goods throughput in any situation. Moreover, the high-resolution, contrast-rich full-color TFT display allows relaxed and fatigue-free working.


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