Stage EJC 110n_112n_b12n

Electric pedestrian stacker 1.000 / 1.200 kg

  • 2900 - 3373 mm
  • 1000 - 1200 kg
  • Powerful and economical through maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor
  • Maneuverable and compact through very short front length
  • Extremely space-saving and safe with tiller in upright position through crawl speed button
  • Sensitive lifting and lowering from the tiller through adjustable speed range of hydraulic motor

EJC 110n/ 112n/ B12n

The pedestrian stackers of the EJCn range 1 show their strength wherever transporting over short distances and stacking up to a lift height of 3600 mm take place.Its optimised efficiency factor ensures high speed and excellent acceleration in every situation - the best preconditions for fast, efficient goods throughput. Another advantage: the lift control. This enables the operator to pick up loads accurately and sensitively. This makes particularly the depositing of large loads in narrow racking easier. The remarkably low noise development during slow lifting also makes work for the operator easier. Proportional hydraulics ensure gentle depositing of the load on the floor or in the racking.


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