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Stage AM G20

Hand pallet truck 2.0t

  • 122 mm
  • 2,000 kg
  • Corrosion-resistant due to galvanised surfaces
  • Optimised hydraulics for effortless handling
  • Maintenance-free due to permanently lubricated connections
  • Rounded fork tips and protected entrance rollers
  • Extremely agile due to short chassis length

AM G20

The particularly compact and robust hand pallet trucks AM G20 are galvanised and are therefore suitable for outdoor applications or applications in humid surroundings such as whole sale markets or fruit growing farms. Their special coating protects the AM G20 exceptionally well from damages caused by humidity. In combination with their construction out of hardened steel and the welded tiller mounting their durability is guaranteed. Due to their optimised hydraulic and their bushed wheels, goods can be moved with remarkably less force. Additionally, the rounded forks and the protected entrance rollers make the pallet pick-up fast and easy. Despite their extremely solid construction, the AM G20 remain manoeuvrable and agile. Their very short chassis length and the optionally shortened forks turn these hand pallet truck into the perfect support in confined spaces. Loading and unloading of HGV, for example, are no problem for the AM G20.


Model Overview

Model Load capacity Lift height Overall length
AM G20, 520x1150, N-GN, SH 2,000 kg 122 mm 1,520 mm
AM G20, 520x1150, N-BN, SH 2,000 kg 122 mm 1,523 mm
AM G20, 520x1150, V-BV, SH 2,000 kg 122 mm 1,523 mm
AM G20, 520x950, N-GN, SH 2,000 kg 122 mm 1,320 mm
AM G20, 520x795, N-GN, SH 2,000 kg 122 mm 1,165 mm

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