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Stage AM 15I

Hand pallet truck 1.5t

  • 120 mm
  • 1,500 kg
  • Low pallet entrance height of only 51 mm
  • Time-saving fast lift for up to 120 kg
  • Maintenance-free due to permanently lubricated connections
  • Special lowering valve for sensitive lowering
  • Robust and durable construction

AM 15l

The ergonomic and robust hand pallet trucks AM 15l are ideally suited for the transport of pallets with lower entrance height. For the pick-up of such special pallets the truck can be lowered particularly low. With their compact design and the optimised control element these trucks offer perfect support, even in confined spaces. Naturally, they reach ground clearance of 13mm so that the transport is unhindered, even when the ground is slightly uneven. Due to the standard fast lift even with only three pump strokes. The particularly robust construction shows in its chromed bushes on the wheels and joints and the welded tiller mounting. Additionally, the forks are produced from especially hardened steel and protected against corrosion by a powdered coating.


Model Overview

Model Load capacity Lift height Overall length
AM 15l, 520x1150 C/BN 1,500 kg 120 mm 1,530 mm
AM 15l, 520x950 C/BN 1,500 kg 120 mm 1,330 mm
AM 15l, 520x795 C/BN 1,500 kg 120 mm 1,175 mm
AM 15l, 680x795 C/BN 1,500 kg 120 mm 1,530 mm
AM 15l, 680x950 C/BN 1,500 kg 120 mm 1,530 mm
AM 15l, 680x1150 C/BN 1,500 kg 120 mm 1,530 mm

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