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JUNGHEINRICH responds to coronavirus

Measures taken to protect employees and customers.

Jungheinrich has taken measures to minimize the potential impact of the coronavirus on supply chains and production. At the centre of all these steps is the protection of our employees, customers and business partners. Here you will find answers to the most important questions.

Dr Lars Brzoska (Chairman of the Board of Management) at the annual press Conference 2020:

“Protecting employee health and safeguarding the ability to deliver are the priorities for 2020.  We are all facing a great challenge, both professionally and in our private lives. I would like to extend my personal gratitude to all employees, who dedicate themselves fully to their work and take responsibility every day, particularly in the current situation.  We are all taking the situation seriously and the necessary measures were put in place early on. I am certain that Jungheinrich will take this unusual situation in its stride.”

17 March 2020

Are there currently any delays to production or deliveries?

Our primary goal is to minimize the impact of the current situation on our customers. For this reason, our "Supply Chain" task force discusses current developments every day in order to be able to react to them as quickly as possible.

The production at all Jungheinrich plants is up and running. As of today, the production is ensured by various measures.

However, due to the stricter measures taken by many countries and the resulting backlogs at many external borders, there may be delays in supplying our plants and delivering our products. We are working flat out to minimize the effects and pursue pragmatic solutions.

Customers affected will be contacted directly. If you have any questions about your deliveries, please contact your Jungheinrich sales representative.

What protective measures have been taken internally?

Jungheinrich has taken numerous measures to protect both its employees and its business partners and thus safeguard business operations. By setting up a central crisis committee as well as local and issue-specific crisis committees in the plants, sales units and all country units, we are ensuring rapid communication and the immediate implementation of guidelines worldwide.

Hygiene measures (in accordance with WHO guidelines) have been stepped up worldwide, and we are providing comprehensive, continuously updated information on measures to prevent infections. This includes strict hygiene and behaviour guidelines, a global travel ban, and a significant reduction in meetings and conferences. Wherever possible, our employees avoid personal meetings in the work environment. We ask here for your understanding.

Will customer/guest appointments continue to be kept?

The After Sales business is always a question of trust - we want to maintain this trust even in difficult times/ under these special circumstances.

Due to the current development, Jungheinrich also sees itself forced to focus its After Sales services more strongly/ to organize them more in line with specific occasions.

In doing so, we are following the recommendations of government agencies to discontinue social interactions, thus making our contribution to a responsible and risk-aware handling of the situation. Our biggest contact point is the interaction with customers - this is our daily and most important business.

If necessary, we will therefore try to postpone any service appointments in consultation with you, our customers, under certain circumstances.

We ask for your understanding that our sales representatives will contact you in order to check upcoming appointments together with you for a postponement.

Of course we will continue to be there for you in case of emergencies or problems that have a significant impact on your business. In these urgent cases, our service engineers will of course continue to be on duty, especially when it comes to maintaining important supply chains (e.g. supermarkets, pharmacies, doctors). We assume that the protection of our customers' employees is just as important to them as it is to Jungheinrich and that our customers therefore also take measures to protect the employees.

Jungheinrich itself is prepared for various scenarios and has introduced clear reporting structures so that it can always act quickly.

In addition, we keep systematic records of exactly when our sales representative are on duty at our customers' premises and can communicate this information if there is a need for information.

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