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Cleverly interlinked production at RIKA.

Increased efficiency thanks to Automated Guided Vehicles from Jungheinrich.

In the warehouse our customer RIKA, a sheet components manufacturer with 185 employees, relies on a successful combination of nine EKS 215a Automated Guided Vehicles, lithium-ion technology with automatic charging stations and a logistics interface for optimum process control.


  • Efficiency increase and optimisation of warehouse processes.
  • Minimisation of incorrect storage and accident rates.
  • Networking of manual and automated processes. 
  • Relief of employees and more economical resource planning.


  • Efficient interlocking of the production machines through Automated Guided Vehicles of type EKS 215a.
  • Racking system across the entire production facility as a buffer storage for intermediate and end products.
  • Truck equipment with special sensor technology for pallet height and weight control.
  • Logistics interface for managing the buffer racks and communication with the ERP system.


  • Installation of a buffer storage with over 2.000 storage locations and an optimally interlaced production.
  • Automated goods transport in combination with manual forklifts for material supply.
  • Reduced risk of accidents in the warehouse and maximum precision during storage and retrieval.
  • Optimal manpower planning and relief of employees due to the use of the automated transport system.

RIKA Blechkomponenten GmbH in a nutshell:

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