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Project services

Find the right intralogistics solution for your needs and benefit from our extensive experience and outstanding project service. Whether you require the analysis and optimisation of your existing system or implementation of a whole new logistics solution – we will assist you every step of the way.

Successful automation with the right partner.

You're in good hands with our first-class project service

Do you want to adapt your logistics processes to new challenges or new customers? What are your main objectives in this context? And how future-proof is your new automatic system? When it comes to your project, you can trust in us as a partner who will deliver first-class service and sustainable concepts for an intelligent system solution. We will support you through every step: from the initial material flow consultation and the new logistics and project planning, right up to the implementation of your new automatic system. As a general contractor, we will provide you with your own personal contact, who will coordinate every aspect of your project and maintain clear communication at all times. Following successful completion of your project, our after sales programme and extensive international network of Jungheinrich service engineers will continue to support you, keeping your system running smoothly in the long term.

We are logistics experts – from initial planning through to ongoing maintenance

We have the right solution for any logistics challenge. As part of our project service, we work with you to develop and implement tailored automatic systems precisely reflecting your strategic requirements. Your in-house contact is supported by a team of experts, highly experienced in material flow analysis, project planning, simulation, warehouse management and truck control as well as commissioning and maintenance. The project management team will support you for the entire duration of the project. You will communicate with a single contact, who coordinates all the relevant functions and maintains a comprehensive overview of your project.

Project management: Where everything comes together

The creation of a perfect warehouse is based on an experienced project management process, which starts with your desire for change and our initial assessment. The material flow analysis provides all relevant figures, data and facts relating to the current status of your system. This forms the basis for potential modifications and improvements to your warehouse situation and the initial planning of your new storage system. When identifying the ideal intralogistics solution for your needs, the decision is largely based on economical factors. Only then do we begin with the fine planning. This includes another critical assessment of all assumptions and expectations. The implementation of your new automatic system only starts once we have covered all the bases. On completion of the project, we transfer the new warehouse to you and train your employees in the new technologies and processes. If you should encounter any subsequent problems, our team will be on hand to assist you. After all, project service should encompass everything from the initial concept through to the successful operation of your system.

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