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Stacker crane

Stacker crane for miniload warehouses

Jungheinrich Miniload STC 2B1A


  • Highly dynamic Miniload 
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Flexible scalability
  • Maximum utilisation of space 
  • Reduced operating costs

Thanks to its high-performance values, the Miniload STC 2B1A for automated small parts warehouses is designed to maximise efficiency in your warehouse. Integrated energy storage and an innovative design ensure excellent space-saving storage of small parts in containers, trays or boxes.    
The Miniload from Jungheinrich offers significant advantages in comparison with conventional Miniloads. The STC 2B1A impresses both with its outstanding driving dynamics as well as with reduced approach dimensions. Thanks to its consistent lightweight construction and the use of energy storage devices (SuperCaps) specially adapted to driving characteristics and load response, the STC also scores highly with maximum energy efficiency and minimum consumption.    
As part of the drive configuration, the SuperCaps allow for particularly intelligent and cost-effective energy management: Energy released during braking processes is stored in the unit’s SuperCaps and fed back to the drive system for subsequent acceleration processes. This ensures a marked reduction in connection and feed-in power and leads to significantly reduced operating costs.    
The warehouse volume is also considerably increased, as the STC 2B1A offers the lowest approach dimensions in its class thanks to its innovative rail construction and the Omega drive system integrated in the mast base. In addition, the novel, modular mast design allows for flexible scalability of the Miniload.     


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