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Stage TFG 540 545 S50

Hydrodynamic forklift truck 4.0 - 5.0t

  • 2480 - 7500 mm
  • 4000 - 5000 kg
  • Drive axle with maintenance-free wet-disc brake
  • Optimum visibility thanks to compact mast design
  • Electric parking brake for enhanced safety
  • Robust and efficient Kubota industrial motors
  • Ergonomic and low-vibration workstation

TFG 540/ 545/ S50

Our powerful and tough series 5 hydrodynamic forklift trucks are the perfect choice for the safe transport of heavy loads, especially on medium and long distances. This is where these economical forklifts can fully develop their strengths: fast reversing, smooth start-up and sensitive braking – of course with optimum efficiency. Maximum performance at low consumption is guaranteed by robust Kubota engines combined with a high-performance cooler system. They impress with their long service life, minimised noise and low emissions. Safety is ensured by the integrated multi-disc brakes, the overhead guard design and the hydraulic power steering for precise manoeuvring. The ergonomically designed workplace delivers the basis for fatigue-free and effective work with generous knee and legroom, an electric parking brake and an individually adaptable operating concept.


Model Overview


Load Capacity

Lift (h3)



TFG 540

4000 kg

7500 mm

18 km/h

4120 mm

TFG 545

4500 kg

7500 mm

18 km/h

4250 mm


5000 kg

7500 mm

18 km/h

4320 mm

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