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Driving, steering and lifting made easy


Whether 3-phase AC or direct current controllers, whether combined control systems or individual components – we have a solution for you in store. 

Driving, steering and lifting made easy

For controlling one or more motors, we offer you our tried and tested DC or three-phase AC controllers. In addition, our combined control solutions with interface and IO controller simplify electrical functions like driving, lifting and steering.

Using the latest control concepts optimized for efficiency, we manufacture drive converters for various motor technologies with voltages from 24 to 80 volts (other voltages on request) in the power classes between 0,5 up to 16 kilowatt. If required, we also develop the appropriate software.

Intelligent CAN bus technology

Thanks to a modular electronics system based on the intelligent CAN bus technology, our controllers can perform any electronic functions such as driving, loading, steering, pushing or lifting. The robust design, developed for high performance stackers, ensures the best protection against impacts, while the integrated cooling fan protects from extreme temperature.

Plug-in periphery and optional features

Partly via additional modules, various peripherals can be connected to the 80 V controller, such as windshield wipers, windshield heating, reversing alarm or working lights. This does not require any additional vehicle electrics or an elaborate e-mounting plate, since the basic electrical system covers all optional equipment, thereby ensuring minimal variance. In combination with the traction drive, the steering unit can also be controlled. The system is protected, among others, by short-circuit monitoring.

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